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Affiliated Ministries

We work with several other ministries that strengthen our community


Feeding The Multitude

Reverend Julius and Sabrina Washington lead this outreach ministry helping to feed the multitude.  

Matthew 25:35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink... Give of your heart; Give it and it will be given to you (Luke 6:38)

Bianca McCall

Sister Bianca blesses us each week with her health ministries.  She has an Epidemiology of Suicidal Behavior and is the founder of Reach In Now University.  Her Reach In Now app has the following features

*** Anonymous, 24/7 Peer Support backed by Microsoft technology

*** Over 20 text chat rooms; conversations about health and wellness subjects, moderated by peers with similar lived experience

*** REACH INcredibles is our vetted resource network of counselors, clinicians, instructors, providers, and healers

*** Live groups, training, presentations, and webcast of The UNNI Podcast- the official podcast of the Reach In Now Community 

More information at 

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Virginia Street

Virginia Street Baptist Church is offering a Tuesday night bible study at 5 pm PST / 7 pm CST

Santa Rosa Black Forum

Genesis Baptist Church has been working with Sonoma County Black Forum to distribute food.

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